Talk About Barn Doors!

Stylish barn doors either open or closed can be space saving, create rustic appeal, or dramatize a room artistically. The fantastic thing about barn doors is that they can adapt to different styles and can be used in just about any space. Here are twelve inspiring ideas to incorporate a barn door in your home: 1. Room Divider: Create […]

Garage Conversion?

Now that 1069 has passed, we are able to do garage conversions in an easy and efficient fashion. The state of California hopes that these dwellings can be converted and rented as low-income housing options for residents. A two-car garage can become an oasis for renters looking for a space complete with a kitchen and […]

Wall Beds Are Space Saver Solutions

Space is always a consideration, no matter where you live. It simply seems like we never have the space that we want in our homes. Maybe you live in a studio apartment where you are trying to make the most of your space, or perhaps you need a place for your guests to sleep when […]