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Talk About Barn Doors!
by Wendy Jestin
April 16, 2020
Barn Doors

Stylish barn doors either open or closed can be space saving, create rustic appeal, or dramatize a room artistically. The fantastic thing about barn doors is that they can adapt to different styles and can be used in just about any space. Here are twelve inspiring ideas to incorporate a barn door in your home:

1. Room Divider: Create space and separation while keeping things open, but provide a sound barrier as needed.

​2. Bedroom: Warm up this space with a barn door that matches design elements in your room.

3. Bathroom: This one may sound really odd, but using a barn door in the bathroom can add to the décor and save a ton of space while providing privacy.

4. Closet: Paint your barn door the same color as the walls to draw less attention, or do a framed mirror barn door. You can boost the appeal with a bold bright color.

5. Kitchen:  Section off various work stations to hide clutter like a prep station.  

6. Pantry: A sliding barn door provides super-duper easy to operate access off the kitchen.

​7. Home Office or Craft Room: Elegantly feature this space while adding appeal to filing your taxes, or scrap-booking.

​8. Laundry Room: Ever overload the washing machine? Dull the noise by adding rustic charm and the ease of a slider.

9. Open Spaces: Consider using a barn door to separate a recreational area, or home theater.

​10. The Playroom or Child’s Bedroom: Let’s face it, barn doors are fun! Kid’s find them easy to slide and are less likely to pinch their fingers.

​11. To Hide Stuff: Like the TV, a bookcase, a wine cellar, or create a secret passage… enough said.

​12. Outside! Where they were intended. Use a pair as a terrace, or deck divider.

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